This is an article about Jake's great grandfather Manuel Snyder, and his brothers.  The following text appeared originally in the San Francisco News, on Thursday, July, 10, 1930:



More Than 200 Employees Keep Machines Humming Night and Day




No Such Thing as Business Depression for Prosperous S.F. Firm.

A striking example of eastern "consumer-acceptance" of feminine apparel modes and fabrics, created in a San Francisco factory that works night and day to meet the growing demand, is told in this, another article in this series which is demonstrating that "It cand be done" in San Francisco--The Editor.



If the average San Franciscan (including Douglas Watsonís new historical character, Old Gen. Apathy) were asked if a lawyer, and actor and a mechanical-minded youngster could set up in this city a knitted apparel factory on a small scale, and in 18 years make it a nationally known institution with a payroll of more that 200 men and women working day and night to keep up with bigger and bigger eastern orders...The answer would be: "It canít be done!" But is has been done! Herman L. Snyder was the barrister, a graduate of Hastings Law School. Manual Snyder was the actor-likewise assistant stage manager at the old Alcazar Theater. And "Sam" the "kid brother" of the trio, was and still is an engineering and mechanical genius.




Last year the corporation of which they are now president, treasurer and secretary, Snyder Bros. Knitting Mills, did a business approximating three quarters of a million dollars. This year they estimate, stock market depression to the contrary notwithstanding, they will make it an even million. Today Herman administers the financial and sales phases of the business. Manualís artistic training peculiarly fits him for his administration of the creative designing and production divisions. And Samís uncanny technical ability is a priceless asset in keeping the intricate, costly knitting machines of the plant running like watches 24 hours a day, and in keeping abreast of the newest improvements on such machinery.




Individualistic knitted sports apparel is the output of the plant: Coats, dresses, ensembles and sweaters. The Snyderís leave the Knit swimsuit business to specialists in that field. While the concernís major trade is throughout the region west of the Mississippi, health growth is registered in the big accounts it has accumulated east and south to the Atlantic seaboard, and a growing trade in Hawaii. Great eastern and middle western department stores and apparel shops not only welcome Snyder representatives from San Francisco, but also order heavily of new Snyder sports ensembles by telegraph, in surprising and increasing volume.




It is quite apparently the originality knitted and sewn into the Snyder plantís products that has "put them across" throughout the east, as well as up and down the west from Canada to Mexico. Herman Snyder takes keen pride in the fact. "Our designers" he says are "creators, not copyists. They lay out the designs, then cut these Ďplayer-pianoí paper roll stencils that direct the machines how to convert them into fabric designs. And we naturally keep our fingers on the style pulse constantly through our Paris Connections.


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